Where to Buy One of the Most Commonly Used Medical Supply Items

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Health

Gloves and PPE take first spot on a supply list when hospitals and clinics are creating budgets and purchasing orders. However, many common medical supply items are not things that can be purchased just anywhere. ECG monitoring vyaire electrodes are definitely part of that category. Working as a doctor in a clinic or as a medical supply chain associate in a hospital you know Vyaire electrodes are necessary for everything from scans of the heart (EKGs) to defibrillators to jumpstart the heart. Here’s how your hospital can buy them in bulk for less.

Online Medical Supply Company

An online medical supply company offers medical supplies in bulk. Each case comes with hundreds of electrodes, although you are free to order as many as you like. The more you order, the lower the cost, which is a major benefit to most hospitals that need these kinds of supplies. While there may be high supply and some shortages right now, it’s still important to get your order in so that these online medical supply companies can have your order ready to fill when shipments come in.

Free Shipping Helps Too

These medical supply companies offer free shipping on orders over a certain very low dollar amount, which is indeed helpful in keeping hospital budgets in line. Your only costs end up being what you pay for the electrodes and other supplies you order. Everything ships for free, and ships via one of the major shipping industries (NOT the postal service).

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