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Why Powerful Tractors Suddenly Break Down on Farms in the United States

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A defective fuse, fitting, or engine can stop a tractor in its tracks. Learn what steps you can take to protect your machinery this season.

Read the Manual for the Tractor

The owner’s manual is your first line of defense. If you’ve never read it, review the maintenance section. It will cover

• Daily checklists

• Important calibration guidelines

• Troubleshooting tactics

Perform Daily Maintenance

Perform maintenance every day to protect and preserve your equipment. During each routine, you should always

• Grease all essential parts

• Check the oil

• Check the transmission fluid

Maintenance Tip

If you own a tractor that has a Tier 4 engine, only use high-quality fluids. Avoid cheap diesel exhaust fluids as they can degrade your tractor’s exhaust system.

Optimize All Electrical Connections

Your tractor’s electrical connectors are vulnerable to dirt and dust. If find debris on any line, carefully remove it with compressed air.

Give Your Tractor a Break

During a major job, always set a practical pace. If you overwork your tractor, it will fail.

Every tractor has a maximum performance level. You can learn more about this in your owner’s manual. If you run your tractor slightly below its intended performance level, it will less likely break down.

There are two ways to fix defective machinery. You could buy factory parts from a traditional supplier or use custom machining services. If you have a prototype for a part, turn to JBC Machine, Inc. This family-owned shop provides fantastic custom machining services.