Why Reporting on Local News in CA Still Matters in This Global Society

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If you have ever wondered why people are still paying attention to local news outlets when there are so many more global outlets that are accessible, there are many great reasons. Here are some benefits that come from using smaller news outlets such as Southwest Riverside County News.

Builds Community

Sure, Big News may have a 24-hour news cycle that holds the attention of everyone involved, but it doesn’t keep you informed about what’s actually going on in YOUR city or YOUR neighborhood. After a while, global news seems like a disconnect. This is just the opposite of what local news can provide you. When the community knows more about what is going on locally, it fosters a sense of pride that national news simply cannot touch.

Good For Business

When local businesses advertise via news organizations such as Southwest Riverside County News, they are advertising to people who actually live in the area and have the strong potential to actually shop at their business. They are not simply spending money on expensive commercials that are shown to people who either live too far away or simply don’t care about the companies in the community

Political Activism

Local news providers have long been known to encourage political activism, no matter what side of the fence they are on. Without political activism, people lose their voice and decisions revert back to career politicians.