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Why You Should Rent an Off-Campus Apartment Near Depaul University

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Campus living might appear to be exciting on television, but the reality of it isn’t all that impressive. In fact, you would probably do better renting out an apartment as you work through your college years. Here is why going the off-campus route would make more sense for you.

You Like to Have Control Over Your Money

Universities have a well-earned reputation for overcharging their students for housing. After paying a lump sum for a cramped dorm, one that will probably have to be shared with a stranger, you might be strapped for cash for the rest of the semester. If you were to rent from a student housing complex, however, you would be locked into a fair rate that allows you more freedom over your cash.

You Want to Live Close But Not Too Close

No level-headed person would fault you for needing space, but if you are looking for privacy on a college campus, expect to be disappointed time and time again. With apartments near Depaul University, you can retreat into solitude whenever you need to get away from all of the noise while still remaining within a few blocks of campus.

You Could Do Without All of the Rules

If you like being told when to come and go and how long guests are allowed to stay over, life on campus might be the answer to your prayers. But, if you want to actually live your adult life on your own terms, consider apartments near Depaul University.

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